Godly leadership is rare these days. It’s imperative we lead as Jesus modeled, but our culture promotes the exact opposite. Fortunately, the Bible is the best leadership manual ever written, and Paul’s life provides abundant education and encouragement for us to take into our own positions. Even more, his letters to Timothy, his young protege, are a personal and passionate explanation of how godly leaders fulfill their roles while prioritizing the gospel personally and publicly. This study will give you both a high-level understanding of what it means to lead like Jesus, and apply the principles to the daily challenges inherent in your own personal callings. The intention is for you to complete the course emboldened and empowered by God’s Spirit to confidently embrace your kingdom influence for Christ wherever called.

Called to Lead: Servant Leadership in Christ is a six week study on the letters of Paul to Timothy. The live class will meet on Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 EST beginning on September 15.

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