Honest prayer, formed from my real words and feelings, is a comforting practice and a way to sense the presence of God.

In this eight-week study, we will reflect and learn from four key figures of the Old Testament. Job, Ruth, Hannah, and David are among the heroes of Scripture. Yet, each of these people wrestled with God and with his plan and will for their lives. In wrestling with the Lord, they also learned to bring their full selves before the Lord—their questions, their deepest desires, their brokenness, and their greatest failures.

Learn from their prayers of lament and provision. The Lord looks for those who come authentically before his throne, those who question and wrestle, and those who surrender themselves before him.

This study will begin on Thursday, January 5, 2023, with live Zoom meetings taking place weekly at 12:00pm Central. Video recordings will be available afterward for those who can't attend at that time.

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Honest prayer and petition come from a place of acceptance. We can’t always understand life’s events, but God has a bigger vision—a “super plan” for our lives.

We can try to make sense of random events, but we should also pray for the grace, strength, and wisdom to let ourselves be used as instruments in the symphony of this larger vision of God.

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