Light. Love. Authenticity. Assurance. 
Do you desire more of these in your life?

In this six-week Bible study on the book of 1 John, you are invited to live and celebrate true life in Christ.

Throughout his first letter, John wrestles with the assurance of salvation.

How do we know that we are genuine Christians, and how can we recognize authentic faith in others?

The Apostle John taught that you can enjoy full assurance through believing in the incarnate Son of God, walking in the light of obedience, and loving God and his children.

The world is longing to see authentic Christianity lived out today.

In Walking in Light: True Life in 1 John, we will go verse-by-verse through the book of 1 John. John, whose life was transformed from a “son of thunder” to “the apostle of love” through his relationship with Jesus, has much to say to us about the true life found by following Christ. The daily devotionals will help provide a personal application as we seek to find that same abundant life and personal transformation that John found.

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May this study lead you deeper into the truth, light, and love of the Lord so that your personal life may be transformed to more fully reflect his truth, light, and love to this world.

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